Hi. My name is Mike Campbell, the founder of Organic Lawn Painting based on the Sunshine Coast here in Australia.
Lawn Painting is very new in Australia, and is already building a buzz and excitement among entrepreneurs who are looking for that new cutting edge idea, and turn it into a business and their career.
We've just started introducing a new way to look after your lawn, by simply using a coloured liquid product instead of the older traditional granular methods. This allows faster results and is economically and environmentally friendly. 
Like any business, starting up your own lawn painting service requires all of the right ingredients to have a success start up.
I've been passionate about this business adventure the day I started, and  I want to make this really easy for all of us to build this business together.  
I've developed a simple system that can get you completely started and set up without any hassle and on a small budget. 
Please feel free to email me at organiclawnpainting@gmail.com for more information about the start up package. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Mike Campbell