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We offer a coloured liquid fertiliser treatment to keep your grass looking green and healthy year round.


With one spray treatment of our premium coloured liquid fertiliser, your lawn will instantly and dramatically green up and be looking its best.

The fertiliser is quickly absorbed into each leaf blade feeding it the right blend of nutrients, along with a natural plant based pigment that gives it back its green colour.

Regular lawn treatments (every 2-3 months) will keep your grass green year round and also significantly improve it's overall health and reduce watering and mowing needs by up to 50%.

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Residential Treatment 

Just one treatment with the coloured fertiliser will restore the colour of your lawn,and have it  looking green and healthy again.

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Commercial Venues

​Using our product will dramatically help green up any venue and having it look it's best in one application. It helps reduce watering and mowing by 50%, safe for kids and pets, and last up to 3 months. 

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Cut and Colour

Having your grass properly cut and trimmed, creates 

a perfect canvas for our fertiliser treatment, and ensures us that your lawn has an even surface and rid of all debris.

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​New Turf Blending

Sometimes when new turf is laid the edges go brown until the grass routes are established. A quick spray of the coloured fertiliser will blend in those brown edges  and give it a hit of nutrients to help it's growth.